We erroneously refera to electric assisted bike as «electric bike». In fact, you have to pedal to advance and power assistance, coupled with power and speed sensors will help you achieve your goals.


Higher, further,  more singletracks,faster!


At Marrakech Bike Action, one of our major goals is to stay at the cutting-edge of technology. Since the launch of electric bikes in the spring of 2015, we have been constantly improving our fleet of electric bikes. Lapierre was our first partner and it still our main one today.


The E Bike is intended for a wide range of people: First, many high-level athletes, such as Julien Absalon, double Olympic champion, have adopted it to better develop their technique or to recover after a race or a very difficult training session.


The E Bike is intended for anyone wishing to engage in long distances in the mountains without having an Olympic form. It is also for couples or families, whose level is different but would like to share together a memorable mountain bike ride, without worrying about the levels of one another. 


The e-mtb has already conquered single track lovers, for which the the climb to join the spot can be demanding.


Whether you want to spend a day in discovery mode or you prefer exploring locations (roaming), We have arranged our itineraries to provide you with a maximum of pleasure at the rate of E Bike