Over the years, we have been contacted by numerous companies  to find locations and to organize their photo shoot.

We can now boast of our wide experience and a certain amount of professionalism in this domain.


Indeed, our search for authentic locations for our mountain biking activities has often taken us off the beaten track and we have discovered many beautiful places which could be just right for you, so no timewasting with us. From the moment you arrive in Morocco, you team will be operational.


To name but a few, we have collaborated with the Sun Valley company (video),with Julbo sunglasses for their Julbo 2013 ride session (video).

And recently with the german sportswear brand Maloja for their summer 2014 “mountain nomads” catalogue (press art.)

We have also collaborated with the Red Bull Media House tv channel for a 4 episode documentary on riding in Morocco (video) .The roocky  and talented czech photographer Jan Kasl ( redbull ) did a remarkable work during hi's  moroccan trip for the mtb vidéo czech blood ( video ) in  february 2014.


Send us your projects and it will be our pleasure to help you produce them.

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