Our single track rides vary in technical and physical levels.
The choice will depend on the time of year but also on your riding experience. Some climbs are scheduled  in 4WD, but can also be done by mountain bike. The mountain bikes supplied are all mountain with 130-150mm suspension travel. We can also supply helmets, but advise you to bring your own knee and elbow pads. No need for a full face helmet.
Here’s a brief outline of our best locations :
AGAFAY DESERT OFF TRACK : a maximum of single tracks as many climbs as there are descents, a few free ride sections.
Period : winter,spring. Technical level:7/10  physical level:7/10  distance: 35-45kms
ATLAS FOOTHILLS  ON SINGLE TRACK :  typical all mountain ride “par excellence”
Period: autumn,winter,spring . Technical level:6/10  physical level:7/10  distance:30-35kms
MAGIC CARPET TRAIL : one of our best single tracks – some flow and fast sections  with a bit of pedal- pushing 
Period: autumn,winter,spring. Technical level:7/10  physical level:7/10  distance:30-35kms
HIGHWAY 65+ STRING:  two end to end single tracks requiring determination and accurate bike handling,
Period : autumn, spring,  beginning of summer.  Technical level:8/10 physical level:6/10  distance:25-30kms
CHAMELEON TRAIL : variety ,flow, requiring  determination and precise bike handling 
Period : autumn, spring.  Technical level:8/10  physical level:6/10   distance:25-30kms

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