Depending on the season, let us discover together the most glamorous tracks of the Atlas Mountains. 


We suggests two variants:


The first trail is designed on the finest routes with few passages on single tracks. It’s ideal for exploring beautiful Moroccan mountains without being a racer. Families who want to bring their kids with them have the possibility to do so. The minimal size required for kids: 150cm


Our second option is named e Enduro . it was conceived for the expert riders and single track’s avid. Thanks to our e-mtb, endowed with a cutting-edge technology, you will be able to climb all the single-tracks and access to a wider area. During your lunch, we will recharge the batteries so that you can restart at full speed for the second part of the day. 


What is a typical day like? 


First off, we will pick you up at your hotel in the morning. Once we arrive at our starting point, we are going to brief you about our Lapierre e-mtb. Then, we will ride for 3h30min-4h30min, equivalent to 45km-65km. Afterwards, let us treat you to a good meal in a welcoming and pleasantly designed place.


Private price: 2-4 persons: 1600 DH/person ( VIP Formula: 1850/person). Group: 5-10 persons: 1450 Dh/person


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